White City Berat

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Sidnej Company

For over 15 years Sidnej  Company produces a wide line of canned, continuing a tradition of the ancient town of Berat, heritage of UNESCO for Culture. To meet growing market needs, the company has created a new facility to offer a product that reflects the culinary traditions Albanian. To ensure the authenticity and uniqueness of all raw materials are processed with traditional methods, i
mmediately after collection. Craftsmanship for the company means: fresh produce, processed quickly and packed with modern machinery without any chemical additives or coloring. The company is located in the heart of the campaign of Berat in a pristine environment, away from sources of pollution and smog, which blend nature, scents and colors, this game is in harmonious elements that arise and create our preserves L ' offer, which has become increasingly broad to meet the needs of the market, now has over one hundred and eighty products within its range, divided in: Olive, tomato processing, a wide range of specialties in extra virgin olive oil, canned typical jams and preserves, extra virgin olive oil. Currently preserved are distributed throughout Albania in the best gourmet shops, supermarkets etc are exported to Europe etc. Our company, thanks to highly skilled staff is able to meet all the needs of customers, including more details of how to produce private label and customized recipes.